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University Of Illinois at Champaign
University of Illinois Marching Illini

Illinois Loyalty
Oskee Wow Wow
From The Hold (Oskee Wow Wow - short)
War Chant
Cheer Illini
Entrance Fanfare - 1964
Revised Entrance #3 (1997)
Go Fight, Win Cheer
Illinois March
Illinois March (old)
Pride Of The Illini
Special Teams Cheer
Hail Of The Orange (Alma Mater)

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Indiana University
Indiana University "Marching Hundred"

Indiana Fanfare & Indiana, Our Indiana
Indiana, Our Indiana
Indiana Fight (new)
Indiana Fight
The IU Fanfare
Chimes Of Indiana
Hail To Old IU (Alma Mater)

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University Of Iowa
University of Iowa Hawkeye Marching Band

On Iowa!
On Iowa! (short)
On Iowa! (version 2)
On Iowa! (version 3)
On Iowa! (old version)
Iowa Fight Song
Iowa Fight Song (new)
Iowa Fight Song (short)
Roll Along Iowa
Iowa Forward Forever
The Stripper
Iowa Victory Polka (In Heaven There Is No Beer)
Alma Mater, Iowa (vocal)

Song Not Available in HQ Stereo

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University Of Maryland at College Park
"Mighty Sound of Maryland" Marching Band

Fight Song & Maryland, My Maryland
Maryland Fight Song
Maryland Victory Song (new)
Maryland Victory Song
Maryland, My Maryland
Maryland Drinking Song
Pregame Fanfare
Battle Hymn
Crown Imperial
Freedom Fanfare
Victory At Sea
Hail, Alma Mater

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University Of Michigan
University of Michigan Marching Band

The Victors
The Victors (Trio)
Hail To The Victors (vocal)
Hail To The Victors
M Fanfare
Hawaiian War Chant
Let's Go Blue
Mr. Touchdown, USA
Yellow And Blue (Alma Mater)

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Michigan State University
Michigan State University Spartan Marching Band

Falcone Fight
Falcone Fight (old)
Eat 'Em Up
Spartan Fanfare
Kickstart Entrance & State Fanfare
Falcone Fight (live)
Falcone Fight (vocal)
Shadows (vocal) (Alma Mater)

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University Of Minnesota
University of Minnesota Marching Band [UMMB]

The Minnesota Rouser
The Minnesota Rouser (new)
The Minnesota Rouser (short)
The Minnesota Rouser (ver. 2)
Our Minnesota
Minnesota March
Go Gopher Victory
Minnesota Fight
Fanfare 1962
Battle Hymn Of The Republic
Hail! Minnesota (Alma Mater)

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University of Nebraska at Lincoln
University of Nebraska Cornhusker Marching Band
"The Pride of All Nebraska"

There Is No Place Like Nebraska
There Is No Place Like Nebraska, TD Version
Fanfare & There Is No Place Like Nebraska
There Is No Place Like Nebraska (old)
Band Song & Hail Varsity
Hail Varsity
March Grandioso
March Of The Cornhusker
Mr. Touchdown, USA and the Nebraska March
Our Alma Mater

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Northwestern University
Northwestern University Wildcat Marching Band
[NUMB] "The Finest Band in the Land"

Go 'U' Northwestern
Go 'U' Northwestern (new)
Go 'U' Segue
Go U Fanfare & Push On
Pre-Game Entry
Purple Paegeant
Bop Cheer (Leap Frog)
My Kind Of Town Medley
March Of The Steemen & Go 'U' Northwestern
University Alma Mater
University Alma Mater (vocals)

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Ohio State University
Ohio State University Marching Band [TBDBITL]
"The Best Damn Band In The Land"

Buckeye Battle Cry (new)
Buckeye Battle Cry
Fight The Team
Fight The Team (new version)
Fight The Team (soft & slow)
Beautiful Ohio (short)
Ohio State Medley
Buckeye Opener
Hang On Sloopy
Hey! Cheer
Le Regiment de Sambre et Meuse (short)
Carmen Ohio (Chimes Into) (Alma Mater)

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Penn State University
Penn State Blue Band

Penn State Alma Mater

The Nittany Lion (ver. 1)
The Nittany Lion (ver. 2)
The Nittany Lion (singing - ver. 1)
The Nittany Lion (singing - ver. 2)
The Nittany Lion (singing - long version)

Touchdown, Fight On State
Touchdown, Fight On State (short)
Touchdown, Fight On State (old)

Penn State Downfield & NFOS
Hey PSU!
Floating Lions Drill Music
Penn State Victory
Penn State NFOS
Penn State NFOS (version #2)
Lion Fanfare & Downfield with NFOS
Penn State Nittany Lion Special
The Lion
Penn State Medley
Blue Band Opener
Parade Order '97
Big Ten Medley

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Purdue University
Purdue University "All-American" Marching Band

Hail Purdue
Hail Purdue (new)
Hail Purdue (old version)
Fighting Varsity
For The Honor Of Old Purdue
Go Purdue Cheer
Purdue Fanfare
Black And Gold March
On The Banks Of The Wabash
Tuba Cadence & Band Cheer
America the Beautiful (I Am An American)
Purdue Hymn (Alma Mater)

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Rutgers University
Rutgers University Marching Scarlet Knights
"The Pride of New Jersey"

The Bells Must Ring
The Bells Must Ring (new)
Colonel Rutgers
Rutgers Fanfare
Knight's Call
Rutgers Pre-Game
First Down Fanfare
Loyal Sons
On The Banks Of The Old Raritan (Alma Mater)

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University Of Wisconsin at Madison
University of Wisconsin Marching Band

On Wisconsin!
On Wisconsin! (Saturdays)
On Wisconsin! (new version)
On Wisconsin! Finale
If You Want To Be A Badger
Hot Time In The Old Town Tonight
Beer Barrel Polka (Rosamunde)
Songs Of Thee Wisconsin (short)
Wisconsin's Pride (long w/vocals)
Wisconsin's Pride
Wisconsin Forward Forever
You've Said It All (Budwesier Song)
Dixieland Strut
Dance Little Bird
1812 (Overture)
Varsity (Alma Mater)

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